Rahimafrooz IPS


What is an IPS?

Instant Power System
An IPS is a DC powered device that takes DC power (Deep Cycle Technology IPB battery , for example) and converts it into AC “household” power for running electronics/electrical equipment and appliances within the specified capacity and time.
How is an IPS different from an UPS?

An UPS typically includes the battery and battery charger in one stand-alone unit. The input voltage window for UPS is comparatively less than that of IPS . However, there are UPS systems that use external batteries, and Power Stream makes IPS with battery chargers, so the differences blur as features proliferate.

Warranty Policy of RA IPS CU and IPB Battery

Warranty registration Process
(you can use 01755556678 or 01969993333)

AMC Terms & Conditions & Rates

Can I run a microwave on an inverter ?
Yes. You can connect any model of microwave to your inverter , but keep in mind that a 800 watt microwave consumes 1200 to 1300 watt from the 230V system, so you must make sure you choose the appropriate rating inverter
How can I register for warranty?
Where to go for help?

Remember to keep you warranty registration number handy!